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When I first launched my product after spending countless amounts of money on bright, shiny objects. As my launch got closer, one word described me…


What of? I was terrified of failing. It’s only recently that I’ve realized this.

When I was creating my first product, I would constantly put off tasks that needed doing and push them back. It wasn’t because I was lazy, or because I didn’t want to do them, although that’s what I put it down to. It was down to me being scared of failing. Launching my product, no one buying it and it being a total flop!

However, I went ahead with the launch following the exact steps outlined in this eBook and you know what?

It was the best 7 days ever!

There’s no better feeling than the one you get when you finally realize you have cracked the I.M. code!

The funny thing is anyone can do this. You can see from the screenshot above that a full time income is more than viable with this business model and method.

If you can follow the steps outlined in this course then you can do the exact same results!

Module 1 - Becoming The Profit Marksman (29:29mins)

Discover the questions you should be asking yourself before you jump into any niche.

Know if people are looking for the information you're going to provide and more importantly are they already spending on this informaiton.

Find out 6 of the best places to perform deep research on your niche and an 'over the shoulder' look at how to use each source.

The 5 questions you should be asking yourself when you enter any forum related to your niche

3 Things you need to consider when researching videos on YouTube and why it will have a massive impact on the content you create.

2 Top questions you should be asking yourself when doing search engine marketing plus a live example of how to do the research.

How to log into your JVZoo account and find out what is hot right now. This alone will take the guesswork out of the products you should sell.

How to find if a product you'd like to start selling is already doing well and whether or not it will be worth your time pursue.

Module 2 - Creating Your Product Empire (53:07mins)

Why mindmaps are essential to build an online empire, not just a one-off product and how to get the most from them

Discover what you should be planning out, how to break your tasks down into detail and follow it through

Watch over-the-shoulder training on how to create your first sales funnel mindmap using online software

How to brainstorm and name your product plus examples of possible variations and why they will or will not work

Discover the different type of product formats you can create using readily available tools and software and which one works best for you based on your level of experience

Discover how to plan your up-sells and why your main product should only form the foundation of something much bigger.

Find out 4 effective up-sell and back-end products that will work right off the bat without going through trial and error.

How to go about getting graphics done, what your options are and the 3 areas that need major attention to detail.

Discover how to create a 'buzz' for your product well before the launch phase and why you need to do this or else you won't get sales.


Module 3 - Taking Your Empire Online (27:33mins)

Find out how to register for webhosting and a domain name and how connect the two through name servers.

Watch how to install WordPress and Optimize Press to prime your blog for conversion-driven sales pages.

Learn to use the LiveEditor in Optimize Press to create mobile responsives pages, add titles, images, and other important elements.

Find out how to use the Amazon S3 online console to create buckets, upload files and retrieve your URL link for specific files. Great if you have large product files and want to take the bandwidth off your server.


Module 4 - Building Your Five-figure Funnel (2:00:32hr) (Part 1)

Watch and learn how to submit your product to the JVZoo network, from setting launch dates, what commission to set, how to set up multiple payments, creating dime sales and more.

Find out how to integrate JVZoo with your Aweber or GetResponse account to automatically add customers to your list!

Discover how to create up-sells and down-sells in JVZoo using their visual sales funnel builder plus other effective third party software you can use.


Module 4 - Building Your Five-figure Funnel (Part 2)

Find out what the most important element of your sales letter is and why you should invest time and split test this one element.

Discover the 6 P's of your sales letter and how to tackle each one to cover all the elements needed to make a sale.

How to start off your sales letter and why working directly into your HTML editor is not always the best place to start.


Module 4 - Building Your Five-figure Funnel (Part 3)

Let's build a sales page with Optimize Press. Learn how to add headers, titles, footers, choose effective fonts, and how to import paragraphs from a Word document

Discover how to add custom HTML code and import JVZoo payment buttons. This technique will work for any payment processor.

See how to add a profile picture into an Optimize Press page and set the correct alignment for best display. Perfect for introductions and testimonials.


Module 4 - Building Your Five-figure Funnel (Part 4)

Watch how to create a download page within Optimize Press. Create a new page easily without having to start from scratch.

See a live demo of a download page and how to increase profit just by adding one little banner and how extra cash is made.

Find out the best page layout if you want your customers to sign up, register for a webinar, grab bonuses and more.


Module 4 - Building Your Five-figure Funnel (Part 5)

Find out the 7 things you need to include on a JV/affiliate page and why it's the most important aspect for long term traffic

Discover how to use count-down timers for your JV page, not just for your offer and what call-to-action you want you need.

See how to effectively use navigation links on single page sites so affiliates can get to the most important content immediately.

Why it's important to explain the benefits of your JV program and how to write out a feature list that is appealing to anyone.

What diagrams you need to use if you have multiple upsells and how to illustrate it in the most effective way.

How to link your JVZoo product info page to your affiliate page to guarantee fresh affiliate traffic in no time!


Module 4 - Building Your Five-figure Funnel (Part 6)

Learn to create an effective yet minimalistic squeeze page in Optimize Press for high conversions

Watch how to quickly create a web form, grab the javascript code and import it into Optimize Press

See how to redirect your new subscribers directly to your offer and keep things congruent for non-stop sales


Module 5 - Preparing Your Profit Pulling Autoresponder (29:45mins)

Watch step-by-step as we integrate GetResponse with our JVZoo account so customers are automatically signed up to your list.

Discover how to edit your JVZoo product info so that customers are send to the right list within your autoresponder account.

See how to create automation rules effectively if you want to sell high-ticket items to the right people without causing unsubscribes or complaints!


Module 6 - Building An Affiliate Army (23:37mins)

Revealed! One must-know Facebook group to post your launches. This community is used by many big name marketers and will have a direct impact on the success of your product.

Discover 2 essential sites you need to know about whenever you come to launch your product. Works great even if you're brand new and have no direct access to your own affiliates.

See how to use JVZoo to find other marketing in your niche. From there you can contact them directly and work out joint venture deals.

Discover how to setup an JV partner agreement within JVZoo. Ideal if you are profit sharing with partners or collaberating with other marketers.


Module 7 - Launch Time (27:14mins)

Find out how to build a 'pre-launch buzz' around your product just before your product goes live.

See why you need to keep your affiliates up to date, and what to email them during the launch process.

6 Things you need to over-see to ensure your launch goes smoothly. Just staying on top of this could save your online reputation.

Keep all your support emails in one place. Watch how to create a seperate email account for your product and connect to your gmail account for easy management.


Module 8 - Post Launch Profits (13:00mins)

Discover how to use your auto-responder effectively after your initial sales to generate even more profit.

Find out what products you should be promoting to your customers and why you should never promote these products to your free subscribers.

What to post and message to your affiliates after the launch and why it's wise to maintain contact.

Find out how to use the Google calendar properly to stay on top of things and be organized so you never have an unproductive day.


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