5 Approaches to Proving Your Leadership Capability at Work

You know you can lead. Heck, you were always the leader in group projects at school and even know you are captain of your adult softball team. You are a natural-born leader. However, at work, you struggle to find that same edge and confidence that you have in your personal endeavors. Keep reading to learn five ways you can approach leadership at work.

1. Plan Your Meetings
Meetings are usually horrendous events in general. However, a meeting that isn’t well planned or planned at all is even worse. If you are overseeing a meeting at work, take the time to make an agenda. Put thought into what needs to be covered and in what order. Email the agenda to all attendees ahead of time, so everyone knows what the expectations are and can come prepared.

2. Communicate Better
Make sure that you are communicating effectively with coworkers and supervisors. You can even ask, “is there a way I can better communicate with you/the team?” Effective communication is different for everyone, and taking the time to learn how others communicate will not only make you better at it, but others will appreciate your effort.

3. Eliminate Interruptions
Interruptions come in many shapes and sizes. If you have a constant disruption that is negatively affecting your work, consider if something can be eliminated or if there is a way to make it less distracting.

4. Know Your Weaknesses
Everyone knows their strengths. Knowing your weaknesses, though can be an uncomfortable road to self-improvement. Learning your weaknesses will allow you to work towards improvement, but also foresee where you will need help from others. There is no shame in asking for help.

5. Finish What You Start
You’re halfway through a project and it, well… stinks. Do whatever you need to do, ask for help, take a short break, or call in reinforcements. No matter what, though, you need to finish that project. Completing the project will show that you have dedication and aren’t willing to let a little mess keep you from seeing through.

Showing leadership qualities at work can be daunting for anyone. However, starting with these basic approaches, you can begin to build a resume of leadership skills that will allow others to have faith in your ability and follow you through to the end of even the most daunting of projects.