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“Are You Tired Of Learning From Your Own Mistakes?”

If so, follow in the footsteps of a successful marketer who puts new meaning into the term “profitably prolific”!

Dear fellow IM’er,

Oh, how I wish this would have been available in 2002 when I started trying everything in sight to create a reliable income stream to replace the almost non-existent one from my retail store.

Yes, I was surviving, but OMG the hours, and OMG how much I kept adding to my credit card debt in order to purchase inventory.

I kept looking for easy buttons, magic formulas, step by step plans, anything possible to get me going, and every time I found something, it fizzled.

Does that sound familiar?

Fortunately, after years of frustration and many, many hours of hard work, I was able to turn things around… but I know not everyone has been so fortunate yet.

Along the way, I’ve come in contact with a few people that I consider the real deal, and have latched onto their teaching like a dog latches onto a tasty bone.

One of those is a man I consider a mentor… Sean Mize.

Sean started about the same time that I turned the corner myself, but while I was spending 100’s of thousands of dollars buying pay per click ads, he was playing it a wee bit safer by doing things like writing articles (and other types of content), creating products as his content started to pile up, and teaching others.

Imagine that… you create content, you build up credibility and authority in your niche, you use the content in many ways including in your products, you teach yourself how to build relationships with customers by email, you learn how to build squeeze pages and sales pages, and all of a sudden you’re making a full time income.

And then you teach others how to do the same, and become known as one of the top coaches in the industry, and move your income up a few more notches, plus you get the satisfaction and happiness of knowing that you’re changing people’s lives for the better.

It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

I’ve been following Sean for a while, and have been inspired by the way that he not only takes massive action in creating content, but how he uses the same content over and over again, in different ways, for different purposes, with different clients.

One such example is a program that I’m thrilled to have licensed, and can offer to you today… The Sean Mize 60-Day Coaching Program… and more (details in a minute).

Sean has created 60 lessons, most with one or more audio recordings, leading you, step by step, detailing the progression he recommends to go from where you’re currently at (even with zero income from your online activities), to a full time income and authority in your niche.

His original course was delivered by email, one lesson per day. Some days were more intensive than others. Some days gave you a chance to breathe, reflect, plan.

At the end of the 60 days, if you kept up each day, you could expect to emerge as a force in your niche with multiple products, sales pages, a sales funnel, one or more email followup series, and a growing income base.

So… like I said, after I went through the course myself, I was hooked, and when Sean offered a license to allow me to distribute this course, I jumped at it, and can offer it to you today…

But not before improving it.

I realize from experience that not everyone loves the audio format. Some do, some don’t, we’re all different.

Those who love audios tend to like to get away from the chains of the computer and take their learning with them as they work out, do housework, or other activities.

Those who don’t tend to like the written word more because they like to review, take notes, pause and think, and other things that are difficult to do when the speaker keeps continuing. And they don’t often like having to dedicate an extended period of time to listen to something that they might be knowledgeable about already.

For that reason, I’ve created the best of both worlds for you.

The Sean Mize 60-Day Coaching Program With Becker’s Notes

For each of the audio recordings inside this 60-day coaching program, I’ve put together high level notes on the content. They aren’t full transcripts, so reading them will not take almost as long as listening, but you’ll still get the high points of the content discussed in that recording.

Pretend that you’re back in school, listening to your teacher, taking your own notes, and getting ready to review for your final exams.

The better the notes, the better your exam grade, right?

And what if you were to have not only your own notes, but also those of one of the brighter students in the class? Would that help you?

Because we all know that within 24 hours (or less) from listening to a speaker, we’ve forgotten most of what we’ve heard… and 7 days later, it’s almost as if we didn’t listen at all.

But given the opportunity to review the material, think about it, do the homework, it becomes cemented into your core knowledge base.

You certainly don’t want to listen to the full recording again as a review, right?

Yes, the coaching lessons are superb. The teacher is brilliant. The possibilities are immense for those that go through the material from beginning to end.

But without the notes, you’re facing an uphill battle, frustration, your own memory limitations (I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a photographic memory, so I need to either review what I’ve learned, or to put it into practice immediately, if I expect to remember it later).

Trust me, and again this is not a knock on the coaching agenda, you probably won’t have a chance to put each lesson into practice immediately after listening to the audio. Some days are just way too intense, and we all know life and other business activities sometimes get in the way.

What can you expect to learn from the coaching lessons themselves, with or without the notes?

Here’s the agenda (Day 0 is the first lesson, Day 59 is the 60th):

  • Day 31: Advanced Summary of Presence-Based Business
  • Day 0: Introduction
  • Day 1: Find Your Purpose
  • Day 2: Clearly Defined Need
  • Day 3: Structure Your Business
  • Day 4: How to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Business
  • Day 5: How to Blueprint Your Business
  • Day 6: Core 4 Concept and Content Creation
  • Day 7: Blueprint Homework
  • Day 8: Sales Funnel Mastery
  • Day 9: Begin Product Creation                                                                         
  • Day 10: 10×10 Matrix                                                                                                 
  • Day 11: Begin Creating Your Product
  • Day 12: Continue Creating Your Product
  • Day 13: Continue Creating Your Product
  • Day 14: Finish Creating Your Product
  • Day 15: Final Product Creation Step
  • Day 16: Start Writing Your Sales Letter
  • Day 17: Continue Writing Your Sales Letter
  • Day 18: Add Emotional Component to Your Sales Letter
  • Day 19: Finessing Your Sales Letter
  • Day 20: Tying Your Sales Letter to Your Product
  • Day 21: 30 Minutes of Daily Content
  • Day 22: Case Study of Blueprinting
  • Day 23: 10×10 Matrix For Your Coaching Program
  • Day 24: How to Structure Your Coaching Program
  • Day 25: Plan Your Coaching Program
  • Day 26: How to Deliver Your Coaching Program
  • Day 27: Write Coaching Sales Letter
  • Day 28: Add Emotional Element to Coaching Sales Letter
  • Day 29: Additional Ideas for Your Coaching Sales Letter
  • Day 30: Presence Based Mental Focus and Holistic Model
  • Day 32: How to Create Your Expert Frame and High-Ticket Consulting Offer
  • Day 33: How to Eliminate Distractions and Focus Relentlessly
  • Day 34: How to Write an Email Campaign From Scratch
  • Day 35: Email Layering
  • Day 36: Advanced Discussion About Creating an Email Campaign
  • Day 37: Intro to Writing a Credibility Campaign
  • Day 38: Begin Writing Your Credibility Campaign
  • Day 39: Finish Writing Your Credibility Campaign
  • Day 40: How to Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers
  • Day 41: Sales Funnel Strategy
  • Day 42: Automated Sales Email Strategy
  • Day 43: Product Funnel Training
  • Day 44: Timing of Followup Emails
  • Day 45: Automated Content to Sales
  • Day 46: Product Launch Campaign Emails
  • Day 47: Review So Far
  • Day 48: How to Determine What Your Subscribers Want to Buy
  • Day 49: How to Use Your Subscribers to Help You Create Your Products
  • Day 50: Beginning to Find Targeted Visitors
  • Day 51: Create Your Own Traffic Watering Hole
  • Day 52: How to Compete in Competitive and Saturated Markets
  • Day 53: Your Traffic Strategy
  • Day 54: How to Build Trust With Online Prospects
  • Day 55: Mindset Training
  • Day 56: Clarity of Purpose
  • Day 57: Long Term Vision to Create Daily Goals
  • Day 58: Daily Plan and Daily Management of Master Plan
  • Day 59: Final Lesson and Wrapup

One question… do you think learning all this, from a ultra-successful marketer (Sean Mize), aided by another successful marketer (myself) would help you?

Or would you rather continue to buy bright shiny object after bright shiny object over the next 60 days instead?

How’s that been working out so far?

So here’s what to do now… click on either of the Add to Cart buttons. Some lessons (about 25%) didn’t have audios, so there are no notes, and with some of the lessons came some commentary from Sean in written format. Without that, you’ll be missing some key points.

In either case, your purchase is risk free: